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The chocolate Guérin-Boutron takes over life…

par | Oct 12, 2017 | 0 commentaires

The chocolate Guérin-Boutron takes over life…

Under the guidance of the chocolatier Peter Stevens, the Chocolate Factory Guérin-Boutron offers tablets made from fair-trade and organic beans with a cocoa content of about 72% for the launch of its activities. The aim is therefore to produce an old-fashioned chocolate while valuing the human capital especially the cocoa producers. Indeed, chocolate Guérin-Boutron proposes to be in the service of fair trade and solidarity. This goes through the support of farmers for their social, economic and environmental well-being. The House therefore intends to work for the development of the cocoa industry in Africa. This will begin with Côte d’Ivoire and be understood by other countries such as Ghana, Cameroon and Congo.


chocolat Guérin-Boutron
chocolat guerin-boutron


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