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100% ivorian chocolate, but with a little taste of Belgian

par | Oct 27, 2017 | 0 commentaires

Chocolate is therefore a common passion, a shared tradition, that two Blegian and Ivorian companies to develop together, more equitably for the workers and their families.

From the bean to the chocolate bar because it is a real paradox: in Ivory Coast, we cultivate cocoa, enormously, but planters often ignore what become their beans which are often transformed elsewhere, for example in Europe.

« You can explain to many producers that it is from their production that we create the chocolate, but it is hard to understand for them ». Insures Evelyne Akhimien, who comes from a family of peasants from the west of the country. « Some don’t even know what chocolate is…. »

That’s why Suzanne Kabbani works with that are more respectful of planters and their families, not just in terms of wages or working conditions. With its Ivorian chocolate house, it creates pralines and tablets, from the beginning to the end of the production.

« We want to give them a slightly better life, but also give them the taste of chocolate, and export this 100% Ivorian chocolate across Africa first, worldwide then » she hopes.


chocolate Guérin-Boutron
chocolat guerin-boutron


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