Our Concept

A high-end chocolate “Made in Belgium” combining French art de vivre and Belgian know-how, while developing equitable / societal projects in Côte d’Ivoire.
We transform cocoa beans from various origins on the principle of “Bean to Bar”, ie from the raw material (bean) to the finished product (chocolates for the consumer).
Working with renowned Belgian roasters, we are able to manufacture exceptional products, while allowing access to luxury for all.
Naturally we position our brand in the high-end sector and refinement.
Let’s find together the pleasure of giving, receiving and sharing.

It is in Brussels, the world capital of chocolate, that our prestigious Parisian house awakens.
Chocolat Guerin-Boutron wants to support Ivorian cocoa producers in a very high quality process to create an organic and fair trade dedicated to artisan chocolate makers.

Our objective is to work for the development of the cocoa sector in Africa by placing the man at the center of our economic action.
While working beans of several origins, we develop our action societal in Ivory Coast, first world producer.
Our project is committed to honour the planters, because thanks to their know-how, they ensure the good quality of cocoa.

Ivory Coast has a low consumption of chocolate products which remain luxury food.
We partner with local partners to develop the “Made in Ivory Coast” and promote the quality of its cocoa that reveals wonderful and extraordinary tasty surprises.

Our ambition is to “democratize” the consumption of chocolate to allow every Ivorian, both in the countryside and in the city, to consume a quality chocolate made locally.

A revaluation and promotion of the African bean goes through the development of the qualitative approach: the training and the fair remuneration of planters, the production of fair and organic beans.