Why a Gala & Ball Guérin-Boutron ?


  • We are organizing a Charity Gala and a Ball on the theme of “Marie-Antoinette & Chocolate” on Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at the “Royal Cercle Gaulois”. This is our second edition, the first having been organized on June 9, 2018 at the Hotel Métropole in Brussels.
  • This year we repeat the experience as the previous edition was a great success. With this Gala bearing the name of our chocolate house (oriented luxury and societal) we have the ambition to make it an annual reference event, a moment of interaction with the communities present on the Belgian territory and opportunities for cultural and economic promotion of Ivory Coast in the Benelux, and Benelux in Ivory Coast
  • We support a cooperative to obtain organic certification in the South-East of Ivory Coast while implementing a very strong societal action by a better purchase price to the planters, the diversification of the sources of income, protection of the environment, fight against deforestation, and support reforestation, fight against child labor, education, access to drinking water and energy. An ambitious humanist project for which we willingly solicit donations to make it achievable.

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Quai aux Briques 22, 1000 Brussels

E-mail : chris@costhea.com
Website : www.costhea.com
+32 (2) 512 02 73
+32 485 40 49 02


Rue Saint-Ghislain 41, 1000 Brussels

E-mail : info@costumier.be
Website : www.costumier.be
+32 (2) 514 08 58
+32 489 04 20 00

Débora Velásquez
Fashion Designer

Rue Archimède 63, 1000 Brussels

E-mail : info@deboravelasquez.com
Website : www.deboravelasquez.com
+32 (2) 610 80 33
+32 485 30 52 15
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In place of 10 euros, buy your raffle tickets online for only 5 euros.

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Register to the Gala and get a free access for one day to David Lloyd Club!


This year, thanks to the exceptional partnership and the precious support of the David Lloyd private club, we have decided to put the dishes in the big ones by offering to the first 220 registrants at the Gala* Chocolat Guérin-Boutron, a free access of one day to the Uccle wellness and fitness center. An invitation card will be given to you during the evening of October 12th. This offer is non-cumulative and gives you access to all the club’s infrastructure for a whole day (variable hours on weekdays and weekends). The club has two indoor and outdoor pools (heated), indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a spa (jacuzzi, steam room, 2 saunas, relaxation rooms), fitness, restaurant with outdoor terrace , and underground parking.


The team of David Lloyd and Guérin-Boutron would like to thank you for your loyalty.

* Gala (Cocktail + Dinner + Ball + Afterparty)
This year, we are pleased to welcome Rachel Nimegeers (on the left), Miss Supranational Belgium 2019 and Miss International Belgium 2019, and Camilia Martinez (on the right), Miss Supranational Belgium 2019 and the Belgium’s Most Amazing Woman 2019.

The team Guérin-Boutron is very grateful for their presence.


Sponsorship file

Second Gala & Ball Chocolate Guérin-Boutron

“Marie-Antoinette and the chocolate”

Saturday, October 12, 2019, from 6.30 pm to 3 am.    Cercle Royal Gaulois – Rue de la Loi, 5.

Program of the Gala :

  • Cocktail.

  • Three-course dinner.

  • Fashion show.

  • Opening of the Ball at 10 pm. The ball will be accompanied by a live orchestra.

  • After-party with a DJ from 11pm.

Schedule :

  • First part (cocktail + dinner) : from 6.30 pm to 9.45 pm.

  • Second part (ball + after-party) : from 10 pm to 3 am.

Prices :

  • Cocktail + Dinner + Ball + After-party : € 89,00 / pers.
  • Ball + After-party : € 35,00 / pers. (presales)                                                   € 40,00 /pers. (at the                                                         entrance)
  • Booking 1 table : € 850,00 / 10 pers.
Philanthropic donations :

If you wish, you can also donate the amount you want, which will be used to support our Ivorian project. We are very grateful in advance.

Payment methods :

  • By transfer to the Gala & Bal account :            IBAN – BE63 7310 4557 3908                                BIC – KRED BEBB / KBC BANK
  • By Paypal via the “register” button below..

In case of problem during the payment or for any other question (ex: table placement, costume rental, etc.), contact us:

Register Make a donation

First Gala & Ball Chocolate Guérin-Boutron

“Crazy years”

Saturday, June 9, 2018, from 7 pm to 2 am.                  Métropole Hotel.


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Our partners

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Honor Committee

Fleur Rossdale
Ceo & Founder - IIDE

Fleur Rossdale has been an interior designer and promoter of the industry for over 30 years.  She re-launched her acclaimed interior design exhibitions staged in London during the 1980’s and 1990’s at Hotel de la Poste, Tour & Taxis as Salon IIDE in 2018 & 2019 as an annual event.


Her mission has always been to help talent thrive rather than strive, the exhibition a platform for design excellence bringing all manner of creative individuals together.


Fleur lives in Ixelles and arranges special events within the rooms created for Salon IIDE and also represents interesting artists and craftsmen.

Steering committee

Johann Domas-Conzemius
Ceo - Chocolat Guérin-Boutron

Under the High Patronage of His Eminence Bishop Nanan Aoussi II (Johann Ignaz Domas-Conzemius) :


  • Prince of the Kingdom of Sanwi and Orthodox Archbishop of Ivory Coast ;
  • Rod Holder and Legate of His Majesty Nanan Amon N’Douffou V, King of Sanwi ;
  • Dignitary and Notable of the Royal Court of Sanwi ;
  • Chargé d’affaires of the Sanwi Kingdom Delegation in Europe ;
  • President of the Sanwi Development Association (APDS) ;
  • Honorary Member of the Krindjabo Young Development Managers Mutual ;
  • Honorary President of the Union of Kingships and Traditional Chiefdoms.

Raphaël de Macar
Cbo - Chocolat Guérin-Boutron

Ismaele Alamia
Ceo - optimum vip

Aglaïa Ponomareva
Coo - Optimum vip

Valérie Defraeye

Daniel Szczekacz
Ceo - Just a Night