Its mission is to represent and defend the professional, moral, economic, social and legal interests of artisan chocolate makers in Ivory coast, both legal and natural persons who usually carry on a chocolate business or want to exercise it.

It promotes collaboration and the sharing of experiences and expertise between Belgian and Ivorian chocolate artisans.

It promotes the study of all the economic and social issues of interest to the chocolate companies and craftsmen of Ivory Coast, as well as the development of the economy and private initiative.

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To achieve its objectives, the Belgo-Ivorian Federation of Artisans Chocolatiers will implement the necessary actions to represent its members through:

  • the establishment and the ethical promotion of the profession and the quality of the services rendered;
  • the day before the right to respect competition, the granting of subsidies and public aid, the facilitation of exchanges between professionals;
  • the promotion of entrepreneurship among public opinion and public authorities.

It may affiliate with national and international organizations whose purpose is to defend the general and special interests of its members or to acquire stakes in commercial companies.


Belgo-Ivorian Federation of Artisans Chocolatiers
+32 471 72 41 00