Unique on the Ivory Coast, the company “Chocolat Guérin-Boutron” offers a diploma course of a few months about chocolate making.

Initially, upon successful completion of the course, one can obtain a private diploma pending upon the approval Ivoirian and Belgian authorities.

“Chocolat Guérin-Boutron” works with chocolate makers, training centres, and specialized schools between Ivory Coast, Belgium and France … an exchange of professors and students can be done not only from Ivory Coast to Europe, but also from Europe to the Ivory Coast.

Our Academy is the first resource centre on the Ivory Coast specializing in cocoa and chocolate. It will contribute to research and development of material, commercial and technical advances in the sector.

It aims also to publish cookbooks, magazines and information leaflets.

The focus will be on supporting students and monitoring their training.

The passage through the Academy will, ultimately enable us to build a real professional network.

Logo Académie
What is the job of chocolate maker-confectioner ?

It is a privileged profession, since the customers come to buy “for pleasure”.
The chocolatier will ensure the manufacture of its products from A to Z.
To retain its customers, a chocolate maker must constantly evolve his offer, and look for novelty. He must therefore have a great sense of creativity, use different products, and try new blends…

What qualities do you need to be chocolate maker-confectioner ?

You must be respectful of the rules of hygiene, have a good physical resistance and a developed sense of taste.

What qualities do you develop during your training ?

You will develop your sense of responsibility, creativity and business, as well as gain management skills.

  • Become a craftsman by opening your own chocolate factory, sweets shop or ice cream shop ;

  • Work in a chocolate factory, a sweets shop or ice cream parlour ;

  • Perfect yourself in skills specific to chocolate and sweets making.

  • Apply the basic techniques of chocolate maker-confectioner
  • Master all the techniques of chocolate maker-confectioner
  • Make original products
  • Manage premises, equipment and stocks
  • Integrate the economic and social environment
  • Ensure the commercial aspects
  • Presentation of the internship report
  • Formative practical assessment
  • Follow-up of the business project
Management Course
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business creation
  • Legislation
  • Commercial strategy
  • Business management
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Financial plans
Organization of training

Theoretical courses within the Academy will be combined with practical training.


At the end of the training, the student obtains a diploma of chocolate maker-confectioner, as well as a certificate of management, awarded by the Academy. In the future, recognition by the Ivoirian State and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation will be envisaged.