Johann Domas-Conzemius « Nanan Aoussi II »

Raphaël de Macar

Johann is a French-Swiss-Luxembourger multi- entrepreneur who loves Africa!
His career reflects his desire to invest totally in projects in agreement with his convictions.
It was in Ivory Coast that he fell in love with this continent Africa. Since 2008, he is active in the Kingdom of Sanwi where he develops projects to help local people.
In 2017, Johann gave a second life to Maison Chocolat Guérin-Boutron as to share his passion for Africa to honore the Ivorian bean. In 2017, our Belgian House was the only one to want to work the Ivorian bean!

Since 2008, he is a dignitary of the Kingdom of Sanwi (recognized in the Ivorian Constitution and where the plantations are located) and he is rod holder of His Majesty King Nanan Amon N’Douffou V.
He became a Prince under the name of “Nanan Aoussi II”.

Raphaël is the guarantor of the brand, he supervises and ensures his daily follow-up. He is also responsible for project management, product development, packaging / merchandising, advertising, digital communication and social network management, definition and implementation of the business strategy and marketing plan.

Graduated from the ICHEC Brussels Management School, he has always had the entrepreneurial spirit, his university curriculum has strengthened and consolidated in this direction. Attracted by challenges, the captivating environment and the dynamics of startups, he became involved and associated with the CEO in the development of the Guérin-Boutron project, bringing his vision and innovative spirit.

In a previous entrepreneurial experience, because of his artistic sensibility and his marketing skills, he naturally focused on the development of a brand and its branding, two aspects and two areas with which he has always had an affinity and for which he feels a great interest. As the first project has been suspended before, he then naturally proposed to take charge, as Chief Brand Officer, the management and maintenance of the brand Guerin-Boutron and the development of its visual identity on the other.

Simon Pierre Saverys

Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu

Arthur Stevens

The Saverys family is one of the oldest shipping families in Belgium, controlling the CMB Group, Bocimar, Delphis, ASL Aviation, Euronav and Exmar.
He made his career in Luxembourg as Director Wealth Planning Services at Lombard International Assurance S.A. before joining Finimmo as Vice President International Markets. Since 2012 he is the founder of Flag (

Erwan is recognized as one of the fathers of the measure of Intangible Capital recognized in 2010 by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). He is selected by an attaché to the Presidency of the French Republic to present his work to 600 people at the Ministry of Finance and recognised by the Minister in October 2011.

He is the director of the European Office of Economic Intelligence and the Institute for the Financing of Research.

Multi-entrepreneur in France, UK, Spain, Estonia, Madagascar and Texas (USA) his international experience allows him an approach and a global vision with SMEs and public networks at the service of competitiveness.

Trained at world-renowned universities (Corporate Finance at King’s College London and Business Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, California), Arthur works to optimize our organic growth.
He is responsible for evaluating market opportunities in order to offer the company strategic and targeted growth.

Thanks to a brief experience in Private Equity, Arthur is looking for “tailor-made” in the internal operating strategy to enable us to make the most of our unique business model and our financing resources.