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Guerin & Boutron

Peter Stevens

Master Chocolatier


Peter owes much of his talents to the teachings of the René Goossens master-chocolatier and master pastry chef in Antwerp and to Robert Baelde (who also had a pupil named Pierre Marcolini). He is an artist of chocolate!

His chocolatebars are masterpieces of a thousand flavours and his pralines arerefined sculptures of exquisite flavour.

This chocolate craftsman works from the bean to the tablet. At the age of six he was already passionate about chocolate and pastry.

Best Belgian pastry chef in 1994, formerly employed by the renowned Fauchon in Paris, Peter was the 2016 winner of the competition “Belgian Beauties Souvenirs (Handmade Label) which rewards the best Belgian artisanal handmade product.

Additionally, Peter is a passionate craftsman with a concern to produce healthy products. He caters to gourmet tastes, yet his products are without lactose and are gluten free.

The artist of Belgian chocolate has joined Guérin-Boutron Chocolate Company and is dedicated to the service of our excellence.

His truffles, biscuits, pastry, made to order creations, chocolate bars, pralines, wait to titillate your taste buds !


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